How Much Does a Logo Cost?

How much does a logo cost?

So, how much does a logo cost?

Your new logo is more than just a simple illustration. The time required to develop a logo is dependent on many factors. The design process involves getting to know your company and products or services as well as understanding your goals and company's mission. The design process also involves researching your competitors and discovering your company's unique value position compared to your competition.

Our standard logo design rates are based on two major components, company size and application or distribution size. The majority of logo designs created by small design firms are created for small to mid size companies and individuals with limited application and distribution uses. Larger enterprises or companies that need to be recognized around the world normally pay much higher logo design rates and use advertising agencies. An individual or small company with small to average uses should be prepared to pay anywhere from $250 to $1500 for a top quality, professional logo design.

At 20/20 Creatives, our main goal is to provide professional design services to small and mid sized companies at affordable prices. Our Basic Economy Logo Design package can be broken down to our hourly rates by estimating the time required for each step in the creation of a very basic logo.

This is the cost for a logo allowing phone meeting time, 3 initial logo concepts and 1 round of revisions to get it right, dealing with one person where everything is presented digitally and no travelling is expected!

  • 30 mins - replying to email and asking a bit more info, and arranging meeting
  • 30 mins - initial phone consultation (face to face iniital consulatation - add $100)
  • 2 hours - research / inspiration
  • 4 hours - initial 3 concepts
  • 2 hours - application / refinement of ideas into a presentation document.
  • 1 hour - getting feedback, more concept tweeking
  • 1 hours - refinements to logo following feedback
  • 30 mins - final logo presentation
  • 30 mins - preparation of logo into all various formats (PDF, eps, jpeg rgb, jpeg cmyk, small jpeg/gif)
  • 30 mins - additional correspondence time (phone / email)
  • Total hours = 12.5 hours at hourly rate of $25 = $312.50 - Our Basic Logo Package is $295.



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